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Children (from 4yrs) Adults (Weight Limit 14st, 196lbs, 88kg)
Reservation required. Available all year, please call to book.

Pony riding for our younger or more concerned visitors. Led on a pony by one of our riding coaches for 20 minutes along the beatiful shores of Loch Fyne. This is a wonderful introduction to horse riding on the lead rein under guidance. We can accommodate riders from 4 years old. Cost £15

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Children (from 8yrs) Adults (Weight Limit 14st, 196lbs, 88kg)
Reservation required. April to Oct, please call to book.

Whether a beginner or an experienced rider, the thrill of mounting up and heading off into the glorious Argyll countryside, on the shores of Loch Fyne, will stay with you forever. We pride ourselves in our well trained horses and ponies and experienced coaches. 1hr trek daily except Sat & Sun @ 10am, 11.15am. 2hr trek daily @ 2pm. 1hr trek daily except Mon, Wed & Fri @ 4.30pm. Cost 1hr = £25, 2hr = £40.

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Children (from 12yrs) Adults (Weight Limit 14st, 196lbs, 88kg)
Reservation required. April to Oct, please call to book.

Our 2hr fast ride is for accomplished riders who are comfortable at the gallop over uneven ground. These rides leave in the early evening and hack through local woodlands with a qualified instructor. 2hr fast ride, Mon, Wed & Fri @ 4.30pm. Cost £45

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Children (from 6yrs) Adults (Weight Limit 14st, 196lbs, 88kg)
Reservation required. Available all year, please call to book.

Lessons are arranged to suit and subject to availability. Our friendly instructors are all BHS qualified and have many years experience with riders of all abilities. We also have the only covered riding school in Argyll for those days when you would rather not ride out. Cost 30min £25, 45min £35.

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Premier BHS & TRSS approved livery establishment.

Full livery and training service for the caring horse owner. Situated in Inveraray, Argyll, and set in woodland countryside, with lush grazing and excellent all year round, off road hacking. Argyll Adventure is a welcoming, friendly yard and able to accommodate horses and riders of all levels. Argyll Adventure also provides winter loans, schooling and young horse starting. Click more info for details.


Argyll Adventure is Inveraray Argyll's premier livery establishment and riding school. We have twelve purpose built stables and ample turnout in 30 acres of well maintained and fenced paddocks. A family run BHS, TRSS and Pony Club approved riding centre on the Duke of Argyll's Estate at Inveraray. All our instructors are BHS qualified. So whatever your level from riding club to affiliated competition we can cater for all your equestrian needs including clipping, training and exercising. We regularly organise activities that include hacking, barbecues, clinics and demonstrations. Please call for stable availability.

Off road safe hacking in every direction.
Exclusive use of stable.
Daily turnout in groups.
Mucking out, rubber bed and shavings.
Bedding down, including rug changing.
Attendance for farrier and vet visits.
Covered school and an outdoor arena.
BHS qualified instructors.

Five star full livery package costs £70 per week. Shoeing, clipping and vets bills are not included in the above price. Please call or visit the centre for our full price list.

Winter Loan

Thank you for your interest in our winter loan scheme. Many of our well schooled riding horses are available for winter loan. The horses remain at Argyll Adventure on a full livery package. We muck out and feed the horses. We also see to the horses turnout and rug changes when you are not here. The loan period is from the end of October to the end of March. The exact dates will be stated on the loan contract.

During the period of the loan, the use of the horse within the term and conditions of our loan horse agreement is yours. Winter loan saves you the up front cost of purchasing a horse but you do have the horses up keep costs to pay for the five months of the contract.

Sharing: If you have someone that you can share the loan and costs of the horse through the winter, we can accommodate this in our invoicing system. If sharing a horse with another party the arrangements on the use of the horse needs to be worked out between the parties in advance.

The horse has needs which are your responsibility and include but not limited to, livery, shoeing, veterinary, clipping and exercising. Please read our Winter Loan Detail sheet for a full costing.

The five star full livery package as detailed above will cost you £70 per week or £40 per week if sharing. Shoeing, clipping and vets bills are not included in the above price. Please call or visit the centre for our full price list.

Schooling/Starting/Behavioural Problems

Argyll Adventure have a wealth of knowledge in the equine field and decades of practical experience of starting, coaching and schooling horses/ponies and riders at all levels. Horses and ponies are taken for schooling where one to one care is provided whether aiming for affiliated competition or just enjoyment. A five star full livery service is provided to ensure your horse maintains peak physical and mental condition for the duration of the training. The boxes are all generously proportioned with rubber matting and shavings.  There are approximately 30 acres of paddocks surrounding the yard and all are well fenced and maintained.

The start is everything! Argyll Adventure uses natural training methods, and pride themselves on producing calm and confident horses who are ready to start useful working lives. Dilla and John Patrick trained with some of the most famous natural horsemen and have in excess of forty years experience between them.

Using body language, pressure and release to communicate with horses in a way they understand and willingly accept. Knowing how the mare communicates with her youngster and utilising that language, has proven successful in our kind and gentle approach to horse starting. This method also has a huge impact with most behavioural issues, such as trailer loading, catching, bolting, rearing and bucking. During your horse's training, we will take care of all your horse's stabling, feeding and turnout, and will provide you with regular updates on your horse's progress throughout. Please see our five star full livery package details above. When you come to visit, you can watch us work with your horse, discuss progress and learn some new techniques for improving relationship with the horse. Towards the end of the training period we will spend time with you and coach you, one to one, on how to continue your horse's training.

The average stay is between 4 and 6 weeks and the horses are managed on an individual basis, a bespoke programme is tailored to meet the horse and riders requirements. We can advice on all aspects of equine care and training including re-schooling, fitness and injury rehabilitation, behavioural problems and giving your young horse the best possible start.

A horse's training costs £15 per hour and £70 per week for our five star full livery package (see above for details).

Call Dilla on 01499 302611 to get your horse's training started.